2017 Swift Dzire Waiting Period or Booking Period

Swift Dzire Booking Waiting Period

Maruti Suzuki is the ultimate leader of car makers in India. With more than 50% of market share it is now unstoppable. Yet Longer Booking Period of popular cars like Swift Dzire, Baleno & Vitara Breeza is helping competitions.

After the ultimate success of the first two generation of Swift Dzire, Maruti Suzuki came up with the third generation of the ultra popular car. The popularity of the car can be estimated by the fact that people are waiting for almost three months to get their favorite variant of Dzire as the waiting period is 3 months. Launched in May 2017, Swift Dzire is available in eight variants to fit in the needs of everyone.

The eight variants are VDI, VXI, LDI, LDI+, LXI, ZXI, ZDI and ZXI+. Due to the extreme demands of the public, the dealers are giving three months waiting for any variant of the car. However, the bookings are still rising swiftly. No one can deny the irresistible desire for the Swift Dzire.

Why The Booking Period of Swift Dzire Is So High ?

Reasons for Booking Period of Swift Dzire.

There are many factors which makes booking period of Waiting period of 2017 Swift Dzire so High. The major factors include trust in Maruti Suzuki brand, the last swift dzire launced in 2014 has been great success.

People are showing comparatively more interest towards the LXI and LDI variants as there is AMT gearbox is available in these variants. Apart from these, the VDI version is on the demand. To conclude the company cannot produce the number of requirements so people have to undergo the waiting period after booking. Before the launching process, the spokesperson of the Maruti Suzuki stated that there will be only 4 to 5 weeks waiting as the production of the car is in Manesar as well as Gurgaon.

However, the booking of the car crossed 33,000 in within first 11 days. Moreover, the booking crossed 44,000 before 1 month after launching. Perhaps, even the company did not though about this grand success of the car.

Remedies for Long Booking Period of Swift Dzire

Remedies of Swift Dzire Waiting period

Maruti Suzuki is taking various steps to reduce the booking period of Swift Dzire. A new plant has been set up in Gujarat.  once production of Swift Dzire starts from the Gujarat plant waiting period is expected to decrease.

Due to the extraordinary demand the production plant are not able to match the need of the people. More than 50,000 are already in the booking list. Undoubtedly Swift Dzire is worth this wait. There are many features which will make you wait for your own Dzire.

With a 1248 cc engine and the mileage of 28.4 kmpl the VDI variant seems the best available options for people. Apart from it, the LED tail Lamps, Multi Information Display and the Dual airbags and Abs are the main features. Besides the main features, there many alluring additional features in the version, like the body colored Bumper. All in all, this one is the best option for the music freaks as it got audio system with 4 speakers.

Waiting Period/ Booking Period Depends on Variant


There are variety of factors which govern waiting period. The lower variants like lxi and ldi is more in demand so they have longer waiting period. The top variants are costlier (due to more features) so are less in demand and have lesser waiting period.

There is a sense of relieve if you are looking forward to buy this one, as there is approximately 7-8 weeks waiting for it.

No doubt, Amt ZDI plus gives a whole new experience of driving. Driving was never smoother. The Z plus trim got the LED protector headlamps and touch screen to manipulate the controls. Apart from it the rear camera is one of the best physical features of any car as it provides the sense of security to a newbie driver who is reversing the car. Apart from the technical features, ZDI plus AMT has 15-inch diamond cut alloy wheels and 7-inch Smart Play information system that supports both android and IOS. Although, the price of ZDI AMT is comparatively higher but it is not too much if we look at the features it provide.

Swift Dzire Waiting Period  For V-Trim

Booking period of Swift Dzire V-Variants

The waiting period of this variant is comparatively higher. However, it is not more than 12 weeks. The V Trim is available in two variants, VXI and VDI. One of the main physical traits in the V Trim is the rear Armrest.

Moreover, the V Trim allows the user to control the steering by voice. Apart from the physical features, the technical features of the car will provide pleasantness during a long drive.

There are rear AC vents to keep the backseaters cool. Besides these, the LED tail Lamps, Multi Information Display and the Dual airbags and Abs are some remarkable features. The V Trim variants are comparatively better in the term of mileage. Furthermore, they are budget friendly.

Price Range of Swift Dzire


The third generation of the Compact sedan got a price range from 5.43 Lakh (Showroom price) To 9.39 Lakh (Showroom Price). The LXI variant is the cheapest among the 8. However, the AMT ZDI plus is the costliest among the 8.

Future Expectations on Booking Period of Swift DZire

The waiting period is expected to over soon. The production plants are working hard towards delivering the cars to the people who are already booked. No doubt, the waiting period is a long time. However, the car is worth waiting for. If you have interest in buying it, just book it; do not waste any time, who knows if the waiting period will not decrease for a while.

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