Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Colors : Best Colors to Choose From

Alto 800 Best Colors

Alto 800 doesn’t need an introduction. It is the most popular Indian Car. More than 20000 Alto 800 cars are sold every month in India. With changing times Alto 800 is available in more vibrant colors like green and red. Alto 800 is available in 6 different colors tones to choose from:

  1. Alto 800 Silky Silver
  2.  Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Mojito Green
  3.  Alto 800 Granite Grey
  4.  Alto 800 Blazing Red
  5.  Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Cerulean Blue
  6. Alto 800 Superior White

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Best Colors

There is no best color of a car. Color of a car is a matter of personal choice. There are practical advantages and disadvantages associated with each color of car.

Most popular color of Alto 800 is Silky silver & Superior White. Both looks good and are practical colors to have. Their Clean look makes them look free from scratches and dust. They have huge demand in market and you can get a good resale value of these colors.

Silky Silver

Alto 800 Silver Color

Dust Free and Scratch free look makes it most popular and practical color to own. The silver color is second most popular color after white. But personally I find silver alto 800 more appealing.

Superior White

White alto 800

Most Popular car color and all time favorite is Alto 800 White color. White means royal. Easy to clean & maintain, scratch hiding clean look, cooler cabin makes white most popular car color.

Granite Grey

Alto 800 Grey Granite grey color

Grey is the color of riches. It represents your class. Grey alto 800 is tough to keep clean, scratches are more visible and cabin becomes hotter relatively easily.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 New Colors

With changing time Maruti Suzuki Included three new colors. These are relatively new and you can have them if you want to own something new and bright.

Blazing Red

Alto 800 red

Red is color of blood, it is color of fire too. It represent your enthusiasm. You can have Red Alto 800 if you want to convey the same. It is quite new color. Thus it will look you different from crowd. More preferable for young boys and girls.

Mojito Green

Alto 800 Green

Alto 800 Green is a shining car. It is quite vibrant color and will be appreciated by young people.

Cerulean Blue

Alto 800 Blue

Classy Blue color of alto 800 is soothing. It is suitable for all. I would suggest that if you don’t want to go with white and silver alto as they are quite common, go for blue color. This looks sober, it is easy to clean and maintain. scratches will not be prominently visible on blue color.

At last I would like conclude that there is no best color. Go with the color you like the most.  I would to love to hear back from you in our comment section.

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