Baleno Color: Fire Red

Baleno Waiting Period

Are you planning to book Maruti Suzuki Baleno and confused with the color options. You want Baleno in Fire Red color but feel shy to accept it.

You might be feeling whether Red Color of Maruti Suzuki will suit your vibrant personality or will it be too shiny and you should go for other color options. Red color of baleno is much more different from red colors of other car present in market. While others have a deep red color, Fire red color of baleno is much more lighter and shiner giving it a fresh and younger look.


Baleno Fire Red: Young, Bold and Energetic

Red color of your car signifies your energetic attitude towards life and your willingness to accept it. If you are a outgoing person and don’t shy to show the same go for the red color.

Baleno Fire Red: Will it fade ?

One question moves around in the mind when you are planning to purchase fire Red Baleno: Will the color get fade?

The answer is NO. The metallic color of maruti Suzuki baleno is highly durable and will not fade or become dull when placed in sun or rain or with time. So, you must not be hesitate to purchase red color of baleno.

baleno red Color

Baleno Fire Red: Resale value

It is widely known that resale value of white and silver colors is more compared to all other colors. But the difference in price won’t be that much which would worry you. so go for red color, if you really love it & this is your first car.


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