Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo: Which One Is Better ?

Comparing two successful cars is a difficult thing. Each car have its own personality with positives and negatives. Both Baleno RS and Volkswagen Polo are really good cars, but still they have different individual features and specifications.

Maruti Baleno RS versus Volkswagen Polo Design Comparison – Exterior

Looks and external features are matter of personal choice. Personally I find the sporty design of Baleno RS more aggressive and sporty. Whereas Polo reflects a class. Baleno is a Muscular Car with fresh design and appeal. Polo has been in Indian market for a long time now. So, Baleno will surely turn more head than Polo.

Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo:Which Is Better

  • There are unpretentious contrasts between the outsides of the standard Polo and the GT variations.
  • These incorporate GT badging on the grille, dark ORVMs and dark back spoiler.
  • Likewise, there is “GT” badging on the C-columns and boot top. Aside from that, the Polo GT is a similar shrewd looking European hatchback that has been around for some time now.
  • With a specific end goal to separate it from the standard auto, the Baleno RS includes new front and back guards, increments, for example, side skirts and dark combination wheels.
  • Lifting between the two is truly up to the purchaser and in view of his/her inclinations.

Maruti Baleno RS versus Volkswagen Polo – Interior

Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo:Which Is BetterBaleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo:Which Is Better

  • The Polo GT’s insides get an all-dark treatment, not at all like the standard auto’s dark beige.
  • You get a conveniently laid out dashboard with every one of the fundamentals and brilliant materials.
  • The highlight here is the top notch level bottomed controlling wheel. Regarding space, the Polo GT isn’t as liberal as the Baleno RS, however. There aren’t any real changes to the insides of the Baleno RS.
  • It conveys a similar all-dark great quality insides. Just like the case with the outsides, the lodge of the Polo GT is basic and rich while that of the Baleno is moderately more radical.

Maruti Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo : Engine Specifications

        Baleno RS          Volkswagen Polo
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Turbocharged Petrol + 1.0 Liter Booster Engine 1.2 L Turbocharged Petrol
Power  100 bhp  104 bhp
Torque  150 Nm  175 Nm
Top Speed  190 km/h (est)  190 km/h
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)  11.5 seconds (est)  9.7 seconds
Mileage  21.1 kpl (claimed)  17.21 kpl (claimed)

As we can see, the above information, describes the engine related specifications of both of the Baleno RS and Volkswagen Polo.

Maruti Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo : Dimensions

In terms of dimensions when we check the specifications, we can see that there is not a big difference between the both of the cars, only few and slight differences can be observed.

Maruti Baleno RS Volkswagen Polo GT
Length x Width x Height 3995 x 1745 x 1470 mm 3970 x 1682 x 1435 mm
Wheelbase 2520 mm 2456 mm
Kerb Weight 950 kg 1109 kg
Wheel Type and Size 16-inch alloys 15-inch alloys
Boot Space 339 L 295 L

Maruti Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo : Mileage 

Below we can observe the main mileage difference between the both cars.

Baleno RS Volkswagen Polo
ARAI Certified Overall Mileage 21.1 km/l 17.21 km/l

These are the values which were noted while the test conditions, though the values may vary accordingly.

Maruti Baleno RS vs Volkswagen Polo : Price Comparison

The price varies with different cars, so the below table shows the price comparison between the both cars.

Maruti Baleno RS Volkswagen Polo GT
Price Rs.8.69 Lakh Rs. 9.05 lakhs(petrol)

Rs. 9.16 lakhs(diesel)

From the above table the both cars price is clear, so while taking the cars it is clear that which car to take, and even depending on the other specifications.


The Volkswagen Polo GT is as of now very well known among those searching for that tad bit of additional execution from their standard hatchback. We should keep a watch out if these purchasers move far from the trusted Polo GT towards the novice that is the Maruti Baleno RS. A considerable measure of it comes down to the cost.

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