Baleno vs i20 Elite : Are they Equally good ?

Baleno vs i20 Elite is a difficult question to ask, so get ready for the long answer.

Are you planning After a comprehensive detailing and comparison on baleno and i 20 elite it can be said that both are equally good. So if you are planning to buy a premium hatchback you can prefer either of two. i20 being out in market for longer time have advantages of knowing user review. Let us compare baleno and elite i20

Baleno vs  i20 Elite : Looks

Though look is a matter of choice and opinion on look vary person to person. Baleno have a fresh look same is the case with i 20 elite. In fact i20 looks more sportier than baleno. Baleno is kind of mixture a combination of traditional look of maruti swift and some other sports car. No doubt baleno looks good but i20 elite looks better.

Baleno vs i20 Elite


Baleno vs  i20 Elite: Engine

The Engine in Maruti Suzuki Baleno is same at that in Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire so there is no problem of reliability. The engine is tried and tested ford engine. Lesser weight of Baleno makes the pickup faster and drive smoother compared to Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire.

Baleno: It is a fun car to drive. The drive is extremely comfortable and stable, its smooth in power delivery. You won’t feel any problem at high speed of 130kmph thus ride is stable at high speed. More or less its handing is Gr8 !

i20: Sterring of i20 elite is lighter which is clear-cut advantage in cities and in tight parking spaces . Engine is slightly bigger (1.4 litre diesel) so you have more power at your so. Compared to 5 gears of baleno you will find 6 gears speed box which offer more flexibility. Ride quality is extremely good and you will feel the quite ride of i20 elite. In short engine is more refined for city drive

“Drive quality of Both are good baleno offers more stability on highways and i20 offers great handling in cities”


Baleno vs  i20 Elite: Interiors

Baleno comes with all black cabin which is really good as it doesn’t soil easily. Another added advantage is Apple car Play with 7′ display usable both for navigation and stereo.

Comparing it with i20 Elite. It has better cabin ambiance. Better plastic makes it look good. Design of Dashboard is also comparatively better. It is a posh place to be in.

Coming to comfortable seating. Cushions of Baleno are better. In the back seat the leg room and head room is more as compared to i20 elite.  Baleno feels to be more spacious than i20 elite.

Interiors of I20 elite appears to be more appealing but baleno have clear advantages in comfortable ride on highways

Baleno vs  i20 Elite: Boot Space

I 20 elite has a boot space of 285 liters which is reasonably good in premium hatchback category. but with 339 liters of boot space Baleno is a clear cut winner in this category. Top loading in Baleno is high that might stretch your back a little but you wont mind it if you have advantage of larger boot space on a outing.

Baleno vs  i20 Elite: After Sales Service

Maruti has been a household name for decades. It is known in Indian market right from legand of Maruti 800 and now to most popular Indian Sedan of Maruti Swift Dzire. Maruti is an excellent service provider. The dealership chain of Maruti is present all across the country and there is no problem of spare parts or mechanic. “Every Car Mechanic has experience of Maruti Cars“. But Baleno has been introduced in premium dealership of nexa but service will be provide at existing service centers of Maruti Suzuki.

Hyundai is relatively new still it is still ahead of others like honda and ford.

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