New Honda City Vs Hyundai Verna 2017: Which One is Better

Hyundai Verna Vs. Honda City Which one is Better

Both Honda City and Hyundai Verna are dream cars for every middle class Indian like me. To Choose between them is really difficult. There are pros and cons associated with both of them. It is really tough to Decide which one of them is better.

Honda and Hyundai both came up with next generation of their prime vehicles. Honda launched new Honda city, on the other hand Hyundai made some upgrades to Verna and launched it as a second generation of the compact sedan. According to Honda, 2.5 lakh copies of the previous City sedan have been sold since 2014. Moreover, to keep the demand in mind, Honda came up with new cosmetic and few technical updates. There is no denying that people are craving for the new City sedan.

Likewise Honda city, the Hyundai Verna is also in demand. If you are trying to make a decision between the two cars then no doubt you will have hard time figuring out. Hence, we are her with a set of suggestions that you can give a thought to.

Comparison of LooksHonda City 2017

The first thing we look in a car is its look, its exteriors.

Undoubtedly, the looks of a car arrest attention of almost 50% of the buyers and both of the cars carry pleasantness with their looks. The Honda City Sedan is comparatively more pleasing with that well detailed sporty look. On the other hand the compact sedan, Verna is nicely crafted but the looks of Honda City are definitely better. However, Verna has the color variation advantage as it is available in 7 colors while Honda City is available in only 5 and 3 colors reduce the well detailed allure. So technically, the there is a huge color variation gap between the two cars.Honda City Vs Hyundai Verna Which is Better

The exterior attributes are also one of the prime subjects of interest. Honda city got rear fog lights and rear spoiler. Moreover, it also got the rain sensing wipers. However, it is not a fair reason to reject the other one. Apart from these features, the exterior specs are almost same in both of the cars.

Performance And Dimensions

Drive quality of both the sedans is superb. Performance is the thing that matter the most. If it is about the mileage, Honda city got away with it as it returns 25.06 in a liter. On the other hand Verna returns 21.02 km in a liter. The fuel tank capacity for Verna is 45 l which is slightly higher than that of Honda city.  The length breath and height of the City sedan are 4440mm, 1695mm and 1477mm respectively.

On the other hand the Compact sedan of Hyundai is 4380mm long, 1728mm wide and 1460mm high. Besides this, the boot capacity of City is 510L that makes it much more desirable. Apart from these the wheel base and the ground clearance are identical in both of the vehicles.

In this Segment both the cars are equally good.

Honda City Vs Hyundai Verna InteriorsHonda City 2017 Interior

There are some similarities as well as disparity between the interiors of the cars. Both of the cars have AC, Heater and Adjustable Steering Column.

The leather seats are absent in Verna and the Audio system remote control is not available in Honda city. Besides these features, there is Driving Experience Control Eco and Outside Temperature Display in City. However, these things are not available in Verna. Judging from the above specs, City clearly outmatched Verna.

Comparison of Price 

Price range changes the mood for sure. Hence, despite being better equipped the City Sedan may look resistible as the price rage is higher for it. Rs 8.46 – 13.44 Lakh while Verna CRDi 1.6 AT SX Plus is priced in the Rs 8.0 – 12.62 Lakh range.

Hyundai Verna Vs Honda City Engine And Other Features

There is not much difference in the engine features. City sedan got 1.5-litre 98.6bhp 16V i DTEC Diesel hyundai-verna-fluidic-31Engine and Verna has 1.6-litre 126.2bhp 16V U2 VGT Diesel Engine. However, the Hyundai Verna got a slightly upper hand in this one but it is not remarkable. The 6 speed transmission is manual in Honda city while it is automatic in Verna.  The fuel supply system in City is Direct injection while Crdi In Verna.

Generally speaking, Honda City is better choice for you if you want to make an impression through the aesthetic senses. However, Verna looks like a smart choice if you have less interest in the cosmetic values.

Hyundai Verna Vs Honda City Which one is Better: The Verdict

Both the Sedans are good and there is neck to neck competition between them. Still I find Honda City more reliable, Classy & Better. This is my personal opinion though. 

Go and buy one which you like the most. Difference is not substantial.

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