Ignis Blue: Tinsel Blue and Urban Blue

Ignis Blue

Ignis Blue: Creative and  Intelligent

Are you planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Ignis and confused about color options. You are at the right place here we will discuss all the color options of Maruti Suzuki Ignis with pro and cons.

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  1. Ignis Pearl Arctic White
  2. Ignis Silky Silver
  3. Ignis Glistering Grey
  4. Ignis Uptown Red
  5. Ignis Tinsel Blue and Urban Blue

Color of your car colors your personality. So it is very important to choose color of your car which suits your personality.

Ignis Blue Color

Blue Color indicates creativity & intelligence, So the persons who comes under this categories like to purchase blue color of baleno. Blue color mostly reduces stress & you feel full of calm. 

Color of your car reflects your personality. This is the most popular and are preferred by men. It  shows loyalty strength wisdom & Trust. Blue color of car reduces stress & create a scene of calmness relaxation & order.

You should choose Ignis Blue if you don’t want to purchase any other color of Ignis which is available in market. Blue colored car is longer durable car it is signs for long period of time.

Ignis Tinsel Blue

Ignis is available in two different variants of blue color. The Tinsel Blue is present only for Zeta and Delta models. The tinsel blue color is a new color and is very very different from other blue color cars in India. I really like this color. I will have this color for my Ignis :).

Ignis Blue

Ignis Urban Blue

Urban blue color is available for all variants except for base model Sigma. It is deep blue color similar to one in Baleno.

Ignis colors blue

Ignis Blue :: Pros

  1. Looks stunning
  2. New Color in market you will have something different

Ignis Blue :: Cons

  1. Being a dark color it require more maintenance
  2. Dust more visible
  3. Scratches more visible
  4. Lower resale value.

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