Ignis Diesel or Petrol Which one is Better ?

Ignis Diesel or Petrol

Maruti Suzuki Ignis is available in diesel as well as petrol . Except for the base model Sigma all model have fuel options of diesel as well as petrol. Having a particular type of fuel is a matter of personal choice.

Petrol offer better pickup while diesel offer better torque and power so offer better drive. The Diesel engines are comparatively noisier and vibration is more.

Ignis Diesel or Petrol Cost Comparison:

Just like other diesel cars, Ignis Diesel engine cost more than the petrol engine. As for base model Sigma only petrol variant is available we will have to start comparison with Delta model.

The Ex-Showroom price of Delta petrol manual transmission is Rs. 5,19,000. While the same Delta Diesel manual transmission will cost you Rs. 6,39,000. Note that these prices are Ex-Showroom and difference is of whooping 1.20 lakhs.

Variant Fuel Type  Transmission Ex-Showroom Price 
Sigma Petrol Manual Rs. 4,59,000
Delta Petrol Manual Rs. 5,19,001
Delta Petrol Automatic Rs. 5,74,000
Zeta Petrol Manual Rs. 5,75,000
Zeta Petrol Automatic Rs. 6,30,000
Alpha Petrol Manual Rs. 6,69,000
Variant Fuel Type  Transmission Ex-Showroom Price
Delta Diesel Manual Rs. 6,39,000
Zeta Diesel Manual Rs. 6,91,001
Delta Diesel Automatic Rs. 6,94,001
Zeta Diesel Automatic Rs. 7,46,000
Alpha Diesel Manual Rs. 7,80,000

Ignis Diesel or Petrol Mileage Comparison:

Like all other cars diesel variant of Maruti Suzuki Ignis offers more mileage than petrol one. According to specified mileage by ARAI the diesel model with manual transmission offer a mileage of 27 kmpl and the petrol variant with manual transmission of 22 kmpl. Where as the automatic transmission model of diesel variant offers 25 kmpl and 19 kmpl.

So, If you need to drive you car for more than 60-70 kilometers per day or more than 2500 km per month you can buy diesel variant.

Diesel or Petrol Cost Comparison:

As on 24th Jan 2017 petrol is priced at Rs. 71.3 per liter where as diesel costs Rs. 59.1 per liter. These prices of petrol and diesel are in National Capital Delhi. So the difference in per liter price is Rs. 12.2.

So, Diesel engine offers better mileage with low cost fuel.

Ignis Diesel or Petrol Maintenance:

The maintenance cost of diesel cars is higher than petrol cars. This is because consumables like engine oil and spares used in diesel vehicles are more expensive. The resale value of a used diesel car is higher than that of a petrol car. However, the life of a petrol engine is more than a diesel engine.

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