Ignis Grey : Ignis Glistering Grey Color

Ignis Glistering Grey

Ignis Grey

Are you planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Ignis and confused about color options. You are at the right place here we will discuss all the color options of Maruti Suzuki Ignis with pro and cons.

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  1. Ignis Pearl Arctic White
  2. Ignis Silky Silver
  3. Ignis Glistering Grey
  4. Ignis Uptown Red
  5. Ignis Tinsel Blue and Urban Blue

Color of your car colors your personality. So, it is very important to choose a color which suits your personality. Grey is color of riches. Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. Gray is conventional, reliable and practical. It is a mature and responsible color.

If you want to Symbolize the same go for Ignis grey.

Ignis Grey :: Pros

Black Cars have been all time favorite. They look superb when clean. Ignis is not available in Black color so the next dark color available in grey. Just like black Glistering grey look superb. let us have a look first.

Ignis Glistering Grey It is important to note that the glistering grey color of Ignis is different from normal grey colors available in market.

Ignis Glistering Grey is more shinier and looks really great in ample light. Grey and Black are very popular color in high class sedan cars. With changing time grey and black color is also gaining popularity among small hatchbacks and crossovers like Ignis.

So if you want something formal which will give you more corporate look go for Glistering Grey Ignis.

  1. Looks Superb

Ignis Grey :: Cons

With great looks of grey comes great responsibility. Grey Color like all other dark colored cars requires regular cleaning. Dust is easily visible in grey Ignis.  So you will have to insure that the car is washed on a regular basis. Besides scratches are more visible in dark colored cars. So you will have to maintain it well. If Ignis grey is your first car I would strongly recommend to have light color like white or Silver.

  1. Requires cleaning more often.
  2. Scratches are more visible
  3. Lower Resale value.

Being a product of Maruti Suzuki you need not to worry about the resale value. Yet light colored cars are always in demand and will fetch you more when you resale it.

Note: Glistering Grey color is NOT available in top model Alpha. 

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