Ignis Red : Ignis Uptown Red Color

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Red

Ignis Red :: Young, Bold and Energetic

Are you planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Ignis and confused about color options. You are at the right place here we will discuss all the color options of Maruti Suzuki Ignis with pro and cons.

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  1. Ignis Pearl Arctic White
  2. Ignis Silky Silver
  3. Ignis Glistering Grey
  4. Ignis Uptown Red
  5. Ignis Tinsel Blue and Urban Blue

Color of your car colors your personality. So it is very important to choose color of your car which suits your personality.

Red is a emotionally intense color. It is color of blood. It is the color of fire. So if you are passionate full of enthusiasm and want to convey the same you should go for it.

Red color of your car signifies your energetic attitude towards life and your willingness to accept it. If you are a outgoing person and don’t shy to show the same go for the red color.

Ignis Red :: Pros

Red is a favorite color for sports cars. Being a crossover Red Color suits on Ignis. Ignis looks really cool in red color. Being a small next generation car with compact size it looks really cool. I am sure it will be head turner and will catch attention. It is important to note that the red or uptown red of Ignis is different from other red cars available in market.

  1. Smart looking car
  2. Head turner, grabs attention

Ignis Red :: Cons

Red color is a deep color and it have certain disadvantages associated with it. It require more frequent cleaning compared to light colors like white and silver. As Red color shines well, scratches if any are widely visible. Also being a different color it is normally in less demand and you might face problem if you want to resale it after use.

  1. Requires more frequent cleaning
  2. Dust more visible
  3. Scratches more visible
  4. Lower Resale value

Being a Maruti Suzuki Product resale value will never an issue with Ignis. If it matter red color will create a difference of 5-7 thousand at max.

Note: Ignis is available in Uptown red color only in Delta and Zeta Model


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