Ignis Silver : Ignis Silky Silver Color

Ignis Silky Silver Color

Ignis Silver: Glamorous

Are you planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Ignis and confused about color options. You are at the right place here we will discuss all the color options of Maruti Suzuki Ignis with pro and cons.

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  1. Ignis Pearl Arctic White
  2. Ignis Silky Silver
  3. Ignis Glistering Grey
  4. Ignis Uptown Red
  5. Ignis Tinsel Blue and Urban Blue

Color of your car colors your personality. So it is very important to choose color of your car which suits your personality.

Silver is a sophisticated color and is quite popular among cars. It is the second most popular color after white.

Ignis Silver: Sophisticated

Silver Color is the metallic refined distinguished color of riches has cool properties of gray but is more lively and playful.

Color of your car reflects your personality. Silver cars second most popular (after white) and are preferred by the people who are more modern, glamorous and sophisticated.

You should choose Ignis Silver if you don’t want to buy Ignis White as every second car is white and want a color that looks clean, is easy to maintain and look more sophisticated.

Ignis Silver :: Pros

White and Silver cars don’t show dirt or scratches like darker colors do. So, you can find your car looks new for a longer duration of time period. No dust is visible in silver color of car, so no need to wash and clean the car on daily basis.So if you are little bit lethargic in getting you car daily cleaned go for Silver Ignis as it will require less maintenance.

Among all cars Maruti cars have best resell value. Resale value of white and silver colored second hand cars is more as compared to others this is mostly because Silver cars look new for longer time. So if in future you need to change car you will get  higher resale Value of Silver Ignis compared to others.


  1. Sophisticated look.
  2. Clean view, helps to keep mind cool
  3. Dirt not visible
  4. Scratches less visible
  5. High Resale Value

Ignis Silver :: Cons

Silver color is quite popular among cars. You will find that most of the colors are either white or silver. So if you are looking for something different go for new colors.

  1. Very common color

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