Renault Kwid Mileage / Average Fuel Consumption

Kwid Mileage Average

Fuel Economy or Mileage of a car is important factor while selecting a car. That one of the benefit of having a small car they offer better average.

Kwid mileage for is 22kmpl in city and 25kmpl on highways. It makes Renault Kwid good buy not only for its looks, its features but also for good fuel economy it offers.

No One can deny that Kwit looks better as compared to other counter parts like Maruti Alto 800, Maruti Celerio, Hyundai Eon, and Datsun Go. Better mileage of kwid provide edge over other cars in the same segment.

Renault Kwid Mileage Comparison

Small cars like Kwid, Alto 800, Eon and Datsun go are available in petrol model only. Let us compare their fuel Economy

Small Cars Petrol Mileage 
Renault Kwid  25 Kmpl
Alto 800 20 Kmpl
Hyundai Eon 18 Kmpl
Tata Tiago 24 Kmpl

Obviously having a good mileage is an advantage for Kwid and it is one of major factors why it has gained good hold in Indian market in very small time span.

There are rumors that kwid might launch its diesel model like Tata Tiago.

Most of the diesel version offer more mileage as compared to petrol version. Diesel Version cost more and its maintenance cost is higher as compared to petrol ones. So if you plan to drive for 1000 km or so per month it is recommended to buy petrol version.

As Kwid is available only in Petrol version you need not to worry.

Also there has been complains of diesel smell in some of the version which is highly annoying thus opting for a petrol version is a good choice for personal use.

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