Renault Kwid Red Color (Fiery Red): A Style Statement

Kwid Red Color

It seems that you car planning to buy Renault Kwid and need some assistance in deciding color. You are the best place to decide color of your future car. We have created separate post for each color. So, I would recommend you to read all the articles before you decide color for your car.

  1. Renault Kwid Color Options
  2. Red (Fiery Red)
  3. Grey (Planet Grey)
  4. Bronze ( Outback Bronze)
  5. Silver (Moonlight Silver)
  6. White (Ice cool white)

Kwid Red Color (Fiery Red)

Red Color of Kwid is slightly different from other reds. Its the color of the fire so it has been called fiery red. Color of your car ‘Colors’ your personality. So Choosing a car which suits your personality is very important.

Red color of Kwid is much more different from red colors of other car present in market. While others have a deep red color, Fire red color of Kwid is much more lighter and shiner giving it a fresh and younger look.

Kwid Red: A Style Statement

Red is a emotionally intense color. Red is the color of fire & blood. So it is also associated with passion, desire and love. When it comes to cars, Red colored kwid looks sporty. Being a hatchback and small car kwid looks good in red color.

If you are young and energetic and want to show the same you should buy Kwid Red.

Kwid Red Color: Pro & Cons

Kwid Red Pros:

  1. A Definite Head Turner
  2. Shines bright and Bold
  3. Unique Color Different from others

Kwid Red Cons:

  1. Scratches more Visible
  2. Difficult to maintain (Requires frequent cleaning)
  3. Lower Resale value compared to common colors like white.

Kwid Red Color Images

Kwid Red

Kwid Red Color

Kwid Exterior Design


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