Maruti Alto 800 Blue Comparison of Colors

Alto 800 Blue

Are you planning to buy Alto 800 Blue & bit confused about your choice of Color. Don’t Worry you have made an excellent choice of color which have many advantages over other colors. While, Superior white is the most popular car colors followed by Silky Silver Alto 800. Cerulean Blue is a popular choice among all. Alto 800 is available in 6 different colors tones to choose from:

  1. Alto 800 Silky Silver
  2.  Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Mojito Green
  3.  Alto 800 Granite Grey
  4.  Alto 800 Blazing Red
  5.  Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Cerulean Blue
  6. Alto 800 Superior White

Although Blue is a popular color. But for cars in India it is quite uncommon. Baleno is quite popular in blue color. It is always a good idea to have a blue Alto 800 as it looks great and is different from the crowd. The blue colored Alto 800 will help you stand out of the crowd and

Alto 800 Blue: Creativity & Intelligence

Blue Color indicates creativity & intelligence. So, the persons who comes under this categories like to purchase blue color of Alto 800. It is blue color mostly reduces stress & you feel full of calm. Blue color always open communication.

Color of your car reflects your personality. Blue cars are mostly  preferred by men. It shows loyalty strength wisdom & Trust. Blue color of car reduces stress & create a scene of calmness relaxation & order.

3 Benefit of Having a Blue Alto 800

Maruti Suzuki alto 800 Blue Color

Its Different

Every Second Alto 800 is either white or silver. The Blue Color of Alto 800 will help you stand out of the crowd. If you are the one who want to look different then go for it.

Easy to Clean

Blue cars normally looks clean due to its shiny surface. This is mainly due to reflective nature of color. It will no require you a great deal to keep it clean. Undoubtedly it looks superb when clean.

Its Light Blue

Now a days, Maruti Suzuki is offering blue color in two different variants. Deep Blue and light Blue. But for Alto 800 only light blue color is available. This color is really good and looks superb on the car. This will help you stand out to the crowd.

Drawback of Having Alto 800 Blue

Blue cars just lag behind white and silver cars in terms of practicality.

Visible Scratches

Scratches are prominently visible on dark colors like black, grey and Blue. So, if your car get some scratches it need to be fixed asap. Light colored cars like white and silver hides the scratches. So, they are relatively easier to maintain.

Lower Resale Value

Maruti Suzuki cars have very good resale value. So, for alto 800 you will get a handsome second hand price.

For larger sedans black and grey are popular and in demand. For all cars white and silver are first choice. But to small entry level hatchback like alto 800 blue color is less in demand. So, in case you wanted to change your blue alto 800 it will fetch you lower amount.

Color of your car is a matter of personal preference.

It terms of practicality there are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with each color of car. So, Choose color of car based on your likes and dislikes.

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