New Honda City 2017 Facelift Colors Options

New HOnda City 2017 Golden Brown

New Honda City 2017 Facelift Colors

Honda is replacing old Honda City with a facelift globally. New Honda City Facelift 2017 will be available in India very soon.

The New Honda City 2017 looks quite different from the older one. The look is more sportier and curvy. It has already been launched in Indonesia where  it is available in 4 Colors. Let us hope that all these colors will also be available in India.

New Honda City 2017 Colors

Honda City Orchid Pearl White

White has been all time favorite. Every second car is white. New Honda City 2017 looks royal and cool. White color have many advantages like cleaner look, Scratches are less visible. Being a popular choice white Honda City offers  more resale value.

Honda City Carnelian Red Pearl

This color has been a style statement for long. The color of Honda City has changed slightly but the feel remains the same. This red color Honda City represents fire and jeal inside you. It shows that you are passionate about life and want to convey the same.

It is difficult to maintain as dust is easily visible and scratches will be lively.

New Honda City 2017 Color Red

Honda City Alabaster Silver

New Honda City Silver color is slightly deeper or say grayish than other other silvered colored cars.

It looks stylish and sophisticated at the same time.

Ideal color for technocrats and officers.

Easy to maintain, scratches & dust are less visible

New Honda City 2017 Silver

Honda City Golden Brown

One of its kind color.

New Color for India. Metallic color will be highly popular in India. Early to comment of pro & cons.

New HOnda City 2017 Golden Brown

Honda City Steel Grey

Looks awesome. If you like grey or black color cars go for Honda City Steel Black. You will simply love it.

New Honda City 2017 Facelift Grey Colory


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