New Swift 2017 Colors : Best Colors to Choose From

New Swift 2017 Color Options

Suzuki is replacing old Swift with a new model globally.  The New Swift 2017 will be available in India very soon.

The New Swift 2017 looks quite different from old swift. The look is more sportier and curvy. In Japan it is available in 8 Colors. Let us hope that all these colors of new swift will also be available in India.

New Swift 2017 Colors

New Swift 2017 White

White has been all time favorite. Every second car is white. New Swift 2017 looks royal and cool.

New Swift 2017 White Color

New Swift 2017 Black

Black has been a favorite color of high class sedan. It looks stunning in new swift but like other black cars it is difficult to keep it dust free and scratches are more visible in black swift.

New Swift 2017 BlackNew Swift 2017 Grey

Grey is a good color option. Have a look

New Swift 2017 GreyNew Swift 2017 Red

Red is a passionate color. Swift red will make you look charismatic.

New Swift 2017 RedNew Swift Blue Color

Blue color has been my favorite. New Swift 2017 looks really cool in blue.

New Swift Blue ColorNew Swift 2017 Brown

This is something different for India. Suzuki should try this color in India.

New Swift 2017 BrownNew Swift 2017 Silver

Silver is next favorite after white. Silver colored cars look clean and it is easy to maintain.

New Swift 2017 Silver ColorNew Swift 2017 YellowNew Swift 2017 Yellow

It is equally possible that some of these colors will not be available in India. Still we can hope 6 out of these 8 colors will be available in India. New Swift is expected to be launched in second half of 2017.

Beside these color options it is also expected that swift may be available in dual tone option just like Vitarra Breeza and Ignis.



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