What New in Nxt Gen Verna: Compared to Old Verna

Old vs New Verna

No one can deny the fact that Hyundai Verna is a huge success for the Hyundai. Keeping the previous success in mind, the Hyundai launched the successor of Verna known as nxt gen verna. There is no surprise that the people are craving for the new Verna 2017. The makers brought some different yet alluring traits in the new Version. Pursuing this further, the new Verna 2017 has out matched its predecessor in every field. So, let us take a look at the differences between the 2 generations.

New Nxt Gen Verna Exteriors

New Verna 2017

There are a lot of us who are pleased by the aesthetic pleasantness of the cars. Hence, the exteriors are the main things that they look out for.

There are many changes in the exterior of the Sedan sports. To illustrate, the front changes are Led Headlamps and hexagonal Grille in the front. Apart from it, the new generation has Diamond cut alloys and a new design for the taillights. Moreover, the bumper is comparatively bigger and attractive for sure.



The dashboard of the new generation seems similar to that of the Solaris. Apart from that, the car have infotainment system that can be controlled by android or ios. Moreover, there is a large touch screen system to make the car easy to control.

Nxt Gen Verna Price Range


The price range is not that much changed. To conclude only a slight difference can be seen in the price range. The price range for the old generation was Rs 7.84 lakh to Rs 12.62 lakh. On the other hand, the price range for the new generation model is Rs7.99 lakh to Rs 12.61 lakh. However, the diesel variants start from Rs 9.19lakh. However, the diesel trims of the older version were available from Rs 9.06 lakh and to Rs 12.62 lakh. The change in the price is negligible, due to which, the new generation is more desirable.

Nxt Gen Verna Specifications


The petrol engine of the new version is 1.6LGamma Dual VTVT with 121 Bhp power and 155 Nm torque. One the other hand, the petrol engine of the old generation was 1.4L & 1.6L units with 105 & 121 Bhp Power and 135 & 155 Nm Torque. Likewise the petrol trim, the speculations of the diesel trim is quite unchanged. To conclude there is 1.6L U2 CRDi engine along with 126 Bhp power and 260 NM torque. Apart from it, there are 6- speed menual transmission and 6- speed automatic transmission in the new version. However, the older version had a variation among 4,5,6 speed transmissions in both Manual and Automatic.



No one buys Verna for Milage :). Yet Indian car owner cares about the mileage and Hyundai nxt gen Verna is known for a good mileage. Hence, the mileage is neither decreased nor remarkably increased in the new version. The old model had 17.43 km/l and 24.8 km/l mileage for Petrol and Diesel respectively. However, the new generation has 17.7 km/l and 24.75 km/l in petrol and diesel respectively.



There is a slight difference in the dimensions of both of the generations. The old one was 4,375 mm long, 1,700 mm wide and 1,475 mm high. However, the height is unchanged but the length is increased to 4400 mm and the width is increased to 1729 mm. Apart from it, there is a slight increment in the wheel base and Boot space.

Nxt Gen Verna Features


There are some additional features in the new generation like Rear AC Vents, Touchscreen Infotainment system, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and Rear wiper & washer along with usb charging facilities. However, rests of the features are inherited from the predecessor.

There is an old saying that the successors always surpass the predecessors and the new version of Hyundai Verna is the newest example of this old saying.


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