Ranault Kwid Colors

Kwid Colors

Kwid is available in different Colors / Shades. Let us have a look on all the Kwid Colors. Color is an important consideration while purchasing a car. Kwid has been offered in 5 different colors. They are Fiery Red, Planet Grey, Moonlight Silver, Outlook Bronze, Icecool white . All of them looks good (Personally I love the white one 🙂

Let us have a look at Kwid colors one by one.

  1. Red (Fiery Red)
  2. Grey (Planet Grey)
  3. Bronze ( Outback Bronze)
  4. Silver (Moonlight Silver)
  5. White (Ice cool white)

Kwid Colors

Kwid Fiery Red

Red color gives sporty look to kwid. Suggested for youngsters.

Kwid Red

Kwid Planet Grey

Gives formal or Corporate look to your car. Suitable for office goers.

kwid Grey

Kwid Moonlight Silver

Clean looking easy to maintain sophisticated color.

Kwid Silver

Kwid Outlook Bronze

New Color in market. You should prefer only if you want something fresh looking.

Kwid Bronze

Kwid Icecool White

Classy look. I would say white Kwid is the best looking kwid. I simply love white color on kwid.

Kwid White





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