Ranault Kwid Interior

Kwid Interior

Just like its exterior the renault kwid interior spells bold and contemporary, the interiors reflect the same thoughts.
As you enter the front, you will notice the art of simplicity.

Kwid Interior: Dashboard

Renault Kwid Interior

The dashboard is all done in black with a clean setting. The center console unit is an integrated system, with a touchscreen unit, ac vents and knobs. It is all segregated from the entire dashboard with a chrome rim. On the right just behind the steering wheel is the digital instrument cluster and it has no tachometer. On the left of the center console is the glove box. The glove box has three compartments, thus giving sufficient storage space.
So, overall the front interior is kept non-messy and practical.

Kwid Interior: Seats and Space

Renault Kwid Seats
The seats are sleek and comfortable. There is sufficient legroom and headroom in the front. It has adjustable driver’s seat with airbag. However, there is no option for the passenger airbag. The seats are finished in black and red, which are trendy and pleasing to the eyes.
As we move to the rear it is still enchanting. It is spacious at the back as well, which is contrary to its peers. Space is often a concern with entry level cars. However, with Kwid, Renault has broken the myth. Three adults can sit comfortably at the rear. However, for longer journey’s one might feel a bit squeezed. There are no back pockets or other storage spaces on the backside.

Kwid Interior: Bootspace

Kwid Boot Space
Moving a little further, the boot has a capacity of 300 litres and the seats can fold completely to store any extra luggage. This makes it good for long journeys and much better than other small cars. The plastic used in the interior is of decent quality if not great. It also has a hidden power point to keep your gadgets charged.
Overall, Renault Kwid is a value for money buy. With clean, de-cluttered and up-market interiors and design it is winning everyone’s hearts!

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