Renault Kwid Bronze Color Outback Bronze

Kwid Bronze Color

It seems that you car planning to buy Renault Kwid and need some assistance in deciding color. You are the best place to decide color of your future car. We have created separate post for each color. So, I would recommend you to read all the articles before you decide color for your car.

  1. Renault Kwid Color Options
  2. Red (Fiery Red)
  3. Grey (Planet Grey)
  4. Bronze ( Outback Bronze)
  5. Silver (Moonlight Silver)
  6. White (Ice cool white)

Renault Kwid Bronze Color

Bronze is the now color for cars in India. So if you want something different you should go for the color. It looks very different from all other colors.

Lets have a look:

Kwid Bronze

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