Renault Kwid Silver Color Moonlight Silver

Kwid Silver

It seems that you car planning to buy Renault Kwid and need some assistance in deciding color. You are the best place to decide color of your future car. We have created separate post for each color. So, I would recommend you to read all the articles before you decide color for your car.

  1. Renault Kwid Color Options
  2. Red (Fiery Red)
  3. Grey (Planet Grey)
  4. Bronze ( Outback Bronze)
  5. Silver (Moonlight Silver)
  6. White (Ice cool white)

Kwid Silver Color (Moonlight Silver)

Silver Color is the metallic refined distinguished color of riches has cool properties of gray but is more lively and playful.

Color of your car “Colors” your personality. Silver cars second most popular (after white) and are preferred by the people who are more modern, glamorous and sophisticated.

You should choose Kwid Silver if you don’t want to buy Kwid White as every second car is white and want a color that looks clean, is easy to maintain and look more sophisticated.

Kwid Silver Color Pros:

  1. Sophisticated look.
  2. Clean view, helps to keep mind cool
  3. Dirt not visible
  4. Scratches less visible
  5. High Resale Value

Kwid Silver Color Cons:

  1. Very common color

Personally I feel that silver color is a good option to anyone who doesn’t want white color still look royal.

Kwid Silver Color Images

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