Renault Kwid White Color : Icecool White

Kwid White Color

It seems that you car planning to buy Renault Kwid and need some assistance in deciding color. You are the best place to decide color of your future car. We have created separate post for each color. So, I would recommend you to read all the articles before you decide color for your car.

  1. Renault Kwid Color Options
  2. Red (Fiery Red)
  3. Grey (Planet Grey)
  4. Bronze ( Outback Bronze)
  5. Silver (Moonlight Silver)
  6. White (Ice cool white)

Kwid White Color (Ice-cool White)

Color of your car will reflect your personality.  White cars are most popular and are preferred by the people who are Calm ,Cool & Simple by nature . White color shows a person having calm personality. Most of the persons mind feel free when he is using white color of car.

White color indicates the new & successful beginning.

White Kwid indicates light, innocence and purity.  Most of the people prefer White color of car as it indicate sign of royal. Few Year Back only one color of car is present in the market that is white. In western country white is a traditional color worn by bride, so White color of car is also highly demanded in western country. White color of car is the preferable color among all colors of car.

Kwid White Color: Pro & Cons

Kwid White Pros:

  1. Royal Color Looks Great
  2. Easy to Maintain
  3. Scratches less visible
  4. High Resale Value

Kwid White Cons:

  1. Most Common Color

Kwid looks lovely in white color, it looks more sportier in this color. White Kwid is my favorite.

White Kwid Images

Kwid White Front


Kwid White Side ViewKwid white Rear

So, If you doesn’t have any specific flavor for colors go for Kwid in White color. It looks best.

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